FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

prime austrian advisory & consultancy

Who benefits from our hedge of a marketing and sales promotion?

All companies, which marketing campaigns, in which a high advertising effect by example attractive main prizes (Prize Coverage) or achieved a financial risk in such Response actions (Redemption coverage) should be minimized by suitable reinsurance premiums our tool. This makes you exponentially increase your advertising effectiveness and to draw the attention of your customers on the product of multiplying.

Which promotions or campaigns can be secured?

We secure promotions around the globe that we calculate on the basis of probabilities. This may be the tip or sweepstakes games, gift certificate, adding-, coupon- and discount offers. For more ideas around our tools, please visit our portfolio.

What is the price of such a guarantee/insurance? Who will this be calculated?

The costs of hedging/secured event/campaign are dominated from several factors, such as the probability, that the number of participating contacts and actually play mechanics of the proposed action. Your offer will be calculated individually for each project or promotion - our experts are at your disposal for questions. Contact here

What happens if the insured event occurs?

Whether the prize is won or e.g. unredeemed coupons to pay for costs - we pays the agreed sum insured or cover the contractually agreed risks with our partner.

We handle the entire process - from the payout to the winning notification on site.

How paac GmbH work together with agencies?

paac operates as a service to agencies and sees itself as a partner in all questions around the topics Prize-, Prediction- & Redemption Coverage for marketing and sales activities in Austria and CEE. Agencies will receive counseling services for new ideas and projects of your customers. In addition, you can outsource to request only part of the design or the entire event or promotion campaign to us. We supply components or complete solutions!

Who is behind the paac GmbH?

paac is a team of marketing-, advertising-, financial- and security specialists. During a project, our customers receive one contact person only who supervised the project holistically. Prior to the project, we will present our ideas and actions to achieve your planned action successfully. our team is a click away