We take your RISK

Your marketing campaign is now free of risk! May it be a money back guarantee, cash winning prizes on scratch cards, or any other reward for lotteries – we insure!

We cover your risk and at the same time enable you to plan your marketing campaign with a fixed budget. Use our expertise and be one of the first movers in Austria and CEE to profit from our marketing tools.

Perhaps you are the manager of a sports club and face a descent of your team, which will cost you a lot of money - we have the solution, too. We cover sport bonuses for teams and athletes - all with a fixed price and managed financial risk! You can get further examples here.

To eliminate your risk you simply pay a premium and we take care of your risk! 

What we do is simple

We remove the financial risk of your sales promotion or marketing campaign for a fraction of the potential cost. What is financial risk you may ask? Well, in basic terms, it is the potential cost of a promotion. You run promotions and campaigns to stand out from the crowd.  However, every time a consumer participates in your promotion or redeems your offer, generally it costs you money. Just how many consumers will bother? Have you budgeted enough to pay for all that redeem? That’s where we come in. We make sure it never costs you more than your budget.

Whether you opt for couponing, money back guarantees, a big jackpot or something never been done before, we can help. Give us a brief overview concerning your budget and we’ll tell you what’s possible. However we get there, the end result will leave you safe in the knowledge that regardless of the success of the promotion or campaign, the agreed fixed fee is all that you will pay.

Don’t just take a risk, take a calculated one!

Think Big!

paac GmbH is offering you the opportunity to become a BIG–Player. Starting NOW!

Your domestic or abroad competitor might already be using our tools and was therefore able to gain a competitive advantage.

For the first time ever we now provide our reinsured marketing tools and services in Austria and CEE.

Set a recognizable footprint on your market with exponentially higher premiums on promotions and make your brand stand out – without expanding your marketing budget at the time. 

Before:   One car per year...  
New!:    Once a week you can advertise a car!


Our full service package enables you to outsource all your marketing to us! We create customized marketing tools with winning prizes you wouldn’t even have dreamt of. Naturally we also take care of the entire implementation of the project. This can simply involve the evaluation of participation of your raffle and / or the whole promotional campaign. Our full service package will take on your work and your worries. The paac GmbH market specialists will tailor your campaign according to your needs.

If you feel comfortable and well assisted with your current marketing agency, by all means, stick with them – we are happy to provide you solely with our premium insurance services as a solitary building block of your campaign and coordinate the work flow directly with your advertising agency.

The principle is easy. Booking us – means job accomplished!

More POWER for your Marketing

We empower you to be more visible on the market and enable you to manifest your brand or product. You can use our tools within the complete marketing mix:

We develop and insure new discount systems together with our partner.

The number of advertising sales channels will be increased with games and raffles while simultaneously amplifying your products or brands perception exponentially.

Money back guarantee or couponing enforce your clientele’s interest and strengthen the trust in your product

New distribution channels are created with “Mobile Advertising” or additional radio presence.