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We show below anonymised examples of the different application of our reinsurance premiums. The discretion to our clients does not allow

that we mention their names here explicitly. For a detailed quote or specific questions on individual products, please contact our team.

Redemption Coverage

In drives that involve couponing, money-back guarantees, discounts or collecting points, a business might find itself confronted with costs it had never reckoned with if the response is bigger than anticipated. paac amd its partner covers this conditional risk to your business, and enables you to continue working with a fixed budget when you want to conduct this kind of marketing campaign.

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Prize Coverage

The prizes awarded in contests can be fully covered because they are based on probabilities that can be either calculated mathematically, or worked out on the basis of statistics and experience. paac and its partner assess and calculate in advance the probability of there being a winner. 

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Prediction Coverage

When you promise prizes or bonuses if certain events occur or for certain sports results, paac and its partner assume the risk and pay out the winnings. This coverage includes not only premiums paid to sports participants, but also prizes for correct predictions when it comes to forecasting the weather, predicting an election result or guessing a share price on the stock market. 

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